By Rail

  • Tokyo─Hokuriku Shinkansen(Hakutaka)─ShinTakaoka(About 3hours)─JyoHana Line─Takaoka(About 5minutes)
  • Osaka─Hokuriku Honsen(Thunderbird)─Kanazawa─Hokuriku Shinkansen─ShinTakaoka(About 3hours)─JyoHana Line─Takaoka(About 5minutes)
  • Nagoya─Hokuriku Honsen(Shirazagi)─Kanazawa─Hokuriku Shinkansen─ShinTakaoka(About 3hours)─JyoHana Line─Takaoka(About 5minutes)
  • Kanazawa─Hokuriku Shinkansen─ShinTakaoka(About 15minutes)─JyoHana Line─Takaoka(About 5minutes)
  • Toyama─Hokuriku Shinkansen─ShinTakaoka(About 10minutes)─JyoHana Line─Takaoka(About 5minutes)

(5minutes walk from Takaoka station,the closest station.)

By Plane

  • Tokyo─plane─Toyama(About 1hour)─Taxi (About 45minutes)
  • Sapporo─plane─Toyama(About1.5hours)─Taxi (About 45minutes)

By Car

  • 20minutes from Kosugi Interchange off the Hokuriku Expressway
  • 25minutes from Tonami Interchange off the Hokuriku Expressway
  • 15minutes from Takaoka Interchange off the Noetsu Expressway


Parking lot

There is parking lot of about 50 accommodation underground.

    • Basement parking area guidance

      We issue stationed-in-bike-race ticket on the parking lot use.
      Headroom 2m

    • Visitor who stays

      700 yen per night

    • The general use

      It costs 100 yen for every 300 yen 30 minutes for first one hour.
      ※On the parking lot use, please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket by all means to use facility.