By Rail

  • Tokyo─Hokuriku Shinkansen(Hakutaka)─ShinTakaoka(About 3hours)─JyoHana Line─Takaoka(About 5minutes)
  • Osaka─Hokuriku Honsen(Thunderbird)─Kanazawa─Hokuriku Shinkansen─ShinTakaoka(About 3hours)─JyoHana Line─Takaoka(About 5minutes)
  • Nagoya─Hokuriku Honsen(Shirazagi)─Kanazawa─Hokuriku Shinkansen─ShinTakaoka(About 3hours)─JyoHana Line─Takaoka(About 5minutes)
  • Kanazawa─Hokuriku Shinkansen─ShinTakaoka(About 15minutes)─JyoHana Line─Takaoka(About 5minutes)
  • Toyama─Hokuriku Shinkansen─ShinTakaoka(About 10minutes)─JyoHana Line─Takaoka(About 5minutes)
(5minutes walk from Takaoka station,the closest station.)

By Plane

  • Tokyo─plane─Toyama(About 1hour)─shuttle bus─Takaoka station(About 40minutes)
  • Sapporo─plane─Toyama(About1.5hours)─shuttle bus─Takaoka station(About 40minutes)
(5minutes walk from Takaoka station,the closest station.)

By Car

  • 20minutes from Kosugi Interchange off the Hokuriku Expressway
  • 25minutes from Tonamii Interchange off the Hokuriku Expressway
  • 15minutes from Takaoka Interchange off the Noetsu Expressway

Parking lot

There is parking lot of about 100 accommodation underground.
As it is basement parking area, not three-dimensional parking lot, the storage of entrance and exit is done smoothly.
As parking person in charge is resident until from 6:00 to 25:00, you can stop car safely unlike full automatic parking lot.

Basement parking area guidance
We issue stationed-in-bike-race ticket on the parking lot use.
Headroom 2m

Visitor who stays
500 yen per night

The general use
It costs 150 yen for every 300 yen 30 minutes for first one hour.
※On the parking lot use, please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket by all means to use facility.