Japanese cuisine Tsumama(Japanese cuisine)

Enjoy traditional Japanese food made with an abundance of the finest seasonal ingredients.

Lunch 11:30~14:00(13:30 Last call)
Dinner 17:00~21:30(21:00 Last call)
Wednesdays are closed

Seating: 76(Including Private rooms)
Private room: Private room 2 , Semi-private room 4 (Seats 2ー20)
8 seats at the counter

Price range
course meal:Lunch 7,000yen~ Dinner 9,000yen~


Ever-popular menu

Counter daily lunch~Nagomi~ 2,300yen (Weekday only)
The menu is Chef's Random.

Tsumama Special lunch box (2 steps) 3,000yen
Appetizer, Sashimi, Tempura, Meal, Dessert

Tsumama Gozen (set meal) ~Yuu~ 4,000yen
We strongly recommend this Tumama Gozen !It's our specialty. We are sure you enjoy it.
You can enjoy distinctive seasonal ingredients such as Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura.

~Tsumama Gozen~ 7,000yen
You can enjoy distinctive seasonal ingredients such as Sushi,Sashimi,Tempura.

Japanese dinner course Course Setsu Getsu Ka 9,000yen~
Enjoy creative dishes with seasonal ingredients prepared by skilled chefs.
Sushi,Sashimi,Tempura,Suimono (Broth soup)

~Japanese beef ShabuShabu~ 8,000yen
Kombu kelp stock with chicken tenderloin which is specially prepared by chef brings out the exellent tastes of meats.
They go well with homemade ponzu and sesame sauce.
Appetizer,Japanese beef ShabuShabu,vegetable,Noodles,Dessert

~Japanese beef Sukiyaki~ 8,000yen
Our special Sukiyaki is cooked with warishita made from brown sugar and dark soy sauce-based stock.
Appetizer,Japanese beef Sukiyaki,vegetable,Noodles,Dessert

< Tax and Service charge are included in a shown price. >

Private room of varying size

Kikyo Yamabuki Katakago
Nadeshiko Lindo,Sazanka